Kim Yongjin is too sweet for this level of hate to be necessary

Haters need to calm down and learn the art of chill.

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Recently Produce 101 contestant, Kim Yongjin, reacted to a hate comment left on his Facebook page.

The commenter wrote: ‘Yongjin-ah, kill yourself’

A completely inappropriate and unnecessary comment given Yongjin has done nothing but pursue his own dreams. Why should that bother anyone?

Human decency suggests commenters like this one can take their own advice at least 100% of the time.

Yongjin then wrote:

“I was scrolling down through my fanpage on Instagram and saw a comment saying ‘Yongjin-ah, kill yourself’ in a post that can be seen by everyone. I’m not feeling upset at all because of that words, but I do feel sorry towards my fans. If only I didn’t do something wrong, they wouldn’t have to see such mean comments in their account. For me, I’ve heard much meaner things since I was young so things like that don’t bother me anymore.”

Thank god for appropriate sweethearts who say:

“Yongjin-ah, I sincerely wish you all the bestㅠㅠ Let’s debut, Yongjin!”

Haters gone hate and all that, I guess. But seriously calm tf down already, you knuckleheads.

Please understand there are things you just don’t like and the world does not come to a crashing end just because you don’t let everyone know you disapprove of someone/something.

And while Yongjin is capable of fighting his own battles, I still hope for a Kwanghee – Yongjin mentorship someday. Good luck on debuting, Kim Yongjin!!


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