Music Monday: Elris makes me sad bossa nova exists

I’m introduced to another girl group I don’t like the sound of.

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It hurts to listen to this version of We Don’t Talk Anymore by BTS’ Jungkook and Jimin. It’s too precious and much too delicate for my ears.

I’m not supposed to like Wannabe, but I do. Hyoyeon’s attempt at girl crush hip-hop is like peanut butter and jelly.

SISTAR left us Lonely, a very bittersweet farewell song. It’s a wonderful track that cuts deeper because it’s their last. *SOBS*

Mind Control is a strange and alluring shiny dance pop track by TOPSECRET.

Fuck no. Three minutes into You and I by Elris and I was begging for the end. Never have I hated bossa nova more than I hate kpop bossa nova.

Not as bad as Elris’ song above, but We First still sucks to me. I just hate boring ass songs that sound like this (except Apink’s NoNoNo).

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