Fan site proves idols are still freakishly good-looking without PhotoShop

Cute fan site posts what idols really look like.

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Fans were excited to post up a link to their favorite idol fan site blog, Naejangtang or Beef Tripe and Intestine Soup in English. Which, besides the unique fan site name, serves up idol photos completely unedited. The site owner also puts in cute little captions for each set of photos.

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“CLC’s Oh Seunghee, Sorn
‘They remind me of telletubies..'”

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“Nu’est’s Baekho ‘It seems like his beard grows faster than any other men around his age..'”

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“VIXX’s Ravi ‘His face looks like someone who just lost everything he has in his life'”

There are many more photos on the fan site, but mostly I just keep thinking, wow! they still look fantastic even without PhotoShop ~


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