AKMU’s Suhyun starts cute new beauty vlog

After the downpour of non-stop bad news here’s Suhyun saving the day.

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Suhyun’s beauty channel

AKMU’s Lee Suhyun has started a beauty channel on YouTube and she’s off to an adorable start.

Fans can’t stop swooning over how cute Suhyun and her videos are.

“Her profile picture is so cuteγ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹”

“I wonder who’s in charge of editing her video.. It’s seriously so cute..”

“Hul.. What in the world, she’s so cute!!”

Thank goodness for Suhyun being her precious self. She’s giving me good news to post today ~

Sources: https://pannative.blogspot.com/2017/06/akmus-lee-soohyun-to-start-her-career.html

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