Goodbye Starship, fans shocked Hyorin and Bora have signed on with a new agency

Netizens are surprised SISTAR members have left the company.

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SISTAR have disbanded, rather nicely I suppose, but somehow the way Starship is handling the end of their contracts irks me.

It was reported that SISTAR members, Bora and Hyorin have both signed contracts with a different agency while Dasom and Soyu are still negotiating their contracts with Starship.

Fans are surprised to see Hyorin exit.

“Pretty cold of Starship… Should still support them until they find a new agency but they left them out to dry… after all that SISTAR’s done for them”

“I figured Hyorin would stay, quite unexpected…”

It is quite unexpected, but maybe it’s for the best and maybe it’s what they all want. Hyorin has her hip-hop/EDM connections and Bora has variety show skills to grow on.

“Hyorin will probably join a hip hop label. She seems to be going down that route with her solo last year, going on ‘Unpretty’, working with Groovy Room, etc. She worked with Dok2 and Jay Park for her solo last year.”

“I was once an audience member of a show Bora was a panelist on and I became a fan after seeing how hard working she is. It was when SISTAR was super popular and she was still really nice and respectful to everyone around her. I wish her the best.”

Wishing them all much greater success now that they can go on their own paths.


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