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Kpop iFan was started in March 2017 to be the #1 site for Kpop and its lovers. We have decided to team up with you, our iFans, to create the best and most accurate Kpop wiki site.

Actually, that’s where you are now, a wiki site. I know right, it looks like a blog.

On Kpop iFan, the most relevant content appears on theĀ front page while more in-depth articles are available through searching.

So we wondered–Ā Who knows more about Kpop than the fans themselves? That’s why you’re invited to contribute to our iFan Wiki Project.

Kpop iFans areĀ an integral part of building the Kpop iFan Wiki and by contributing your unique fan sensibilities you are whatĀ makes Kpop iFan the #1 site for Kpop and its lovers.

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